Emerging Trends in Hotel Housekeeping

A Hotel is a Home Away From Home.

In formal words we can define Hotels as commercial establishments where travellers can avail lodging, food and other guest service... Read More

- Ms. Monika Pandey (Faculty - Rooms Division , VIM Ahmedabad)


Gastronomy, in simple words, means the art and knowledge involved in preparing and eating good food. Molecular gastronomy is a complete science that involves both physical and chemical process that takes place in cooki... Read More

- Chef Atul Mehta (Faculty - Food & Beverage Production, VIM Ahmedabad)

Stress Management in Hotel Industry

Introduction: The hotel industry is broadly considered as service industry. The primary purpose of hotel is to provide tourists or rich patrons with shelter, food, refreshments and similar services. On... Read More

- Mrs. Blessy M.P (Faculty - Management , VIM Ahmedabad)

Understanding GST (Goods and Service Tax) in Hospitality Industry

 July 1, 2017 is the date, which would be remembered as the day of radical change in history of Indian Economy, as GOODS and SERVICE TAX (GST) was rolled out by the Government of India, under     “ONE NATION, ONE ... Read More

- Mr. Kushal Gupta (Faculty - Food & Beverage Service, VIM Ahmedabad)


A warm and welcoming tourism industry has seen a surge growth in recent years which attracts more people to pursue a dream career of entrepreneurship. But sustaining does matters and therefore thinking ‘outside t... Read More

- Ms. Divya Talreja (Faculty - Travel & Tourism, VIM Ahmedabad)


The word enclave is of French origin and means locked up. Enclave tourism often refers to geographically isolated and closed-off resorts containing all tourism facilities and services required by tourists, and thus encouraging them to stay inside ... Read More

- Mr. Rahul Singh Shekhawat (Head Of Institute, VIM Indore)