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"Knowledge is mankind's objective," Swami Vivekanand said.

Due to the globalization of the tourism and hospitality industry, India is currently experiencing rapid expansion in the hotel management business. With approximately 1,245 hotel management colleges in India, our first-world heritage city has very few colleges and universities to study hotel management. Why? The question becomes our answer, and we made it our dream. To make that dream come true, Shri Ramkrishna Seva Samiti Trust expanded its footprint to hotel and tourism management candidates in Gujarat's most lively city, Ahmedabad, in 2021. The institute was founded and established to educate experts who can meet the growing demands of the hotel business. 'It has dedicated to providing high-quality education and ensuring students' entire development following industry norms.The campus, which has regarded as state-of-the-art, is located in the city's heart. It has flanked by some of Ahmedabad's most prestigious five-star hotels. It has well connected to state-run transit systems, including the BRTS and AMTS. It is also around 7 kilometers from the Kalupur railway station. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, which is only 9 kilometers from the college campus, is the closest

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To serve legendary welcome and outstanding hospitality experience, hotel management industries are expanding to build the crew of Hotel and Tourism management aspirants. So, we are here. VIM welcomes individuals who want to create a Kingdom of wonder through Hotel and Tourism management education. We help you to learn all aspects of hospitality management. Hospitality management is a vast job sector with several chances for international advancement. Graduates with a hospitality degree can become managers in various departments and sectors or opt to specialize in one field, in the core of the hospitality business alone (hotels, events, restaurants, and so on).



About Hospitality Hotel & Tourism Industry

Considering the country's rich cultural and historical history, diversity in ecology, terrains and natural beauty, tourism in India has considerable potential. 

Did you know? 

The hospitality industry is fastest expanding globally, with a new job created every 2.5 seconds. This growth rate is around 23 times that of the world economy. The following are hospitality slogans worldwide that try to draw attention to their services and location. These have meant to spark your imagination as you sell your hospitality-based service.And still, You are just wondering to be a part of this industry or not? If beautiful memories have an address, then we will only say hospitality is the finest destination.

Vision and Mission

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Students' growth through solid discipline, practical exposure, industrial training, and a respectable placement to help them become economically self-sufficient. Our ongoing goal is to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and offer our hospitality sector qualified executives who are efficient and capable of taking the business to new heights.


To foster Indian hospitality culture and values via a holistic approach to management that combines lessons from our ancient history and modern know-how, giving a lively and disciplined workforce to the service sector. To generate excellent hotel executives who are efficient and capable of leading the business to new heights.

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