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    Shri Surendra Patel  (Trustee)  

    One of the only priorities of VIM is to facilitate the journey of students from learners to leaders. The team is committed to this transformation and consistently exercises quality and perfection at all levels for its future leaders. Students, here, will not only be trained in the classrooms and labs but they will be sufficiently exposed to the professional world of hospitality. We believe, value, and direction-based education empower students to be successful at all phases of life. Wish to create and develop a distinct society of services.

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    Shri Ashok Pandya  (Trustee)

    In this era of globalization, the Hospitality Industry demands skilled and competent professionals to cater the expectations of the industry. With recent and updated development, the industry offers a plethora of career opportunities which are lucrative, glamorous & has a good earning potential. VIM has been established to educate hotel management aspirants as per the industry standards. It is deliberate with concentrated and consistent efforts to carve its presence in the hospitality industry.

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    Mr. Navarun Bhowmik (Principal)

    The Institute, is fully equipped with excellent infrastructure, innovative methods of teaching, modern teaching facilities, and qualified faculties who will be working with a missionary zeal for shaping the student’s personality with unparalleled intelligence and wisdom to embark on the knowledge revolution. We not only impart the education just through the proposed curriculum, but will also expose the students to various departments of the hotel through different training activities.As part of the ethos of perfection and professionalism, VIM ensures a thorough standardization of all its operations and consistency of the quality of professionals it turns out.I welcome you to access our multifarious endeavors and be a part of our culture.