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Diploma In Hotel Management (DHM)

Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM) is a one-year (2 semester) diploma level Hotel Management education. The curriculum for a diploma in hotel management focuses on hotel administration, accounting, advertising, housekeeping, front office or front office, food and beverage management, catering, and upkeep. 


  • This program's several subjects are as follows: 
  • Health Hygiene
  • Basic food production
  • Marketing sales management
  • Hotel Law
  • Basic food & beverage service
  • Accommodation operation
  • Applications of computers


Nowadays, a diploma in hotel administration is one of the most popular courses among young people. A candidate with solid abilities may readily obtain work in the hotel management sector, and decent income and salary rise as experience develop. 


It is relatively straightforward to run a hotel business if you know the industry. Students pursuing a diploma in hotel management have covered customer service, food technology, production, management, and other areas. A hotel management diploma prepares students for future employment opportunities and establishes their businesses. Foreign language training also prepares students for international opportunities. Aside from that, students get knowledge of the hospitality ideals of punctuality, hygiene, and discipline, all of which are necessary for continuing a career in hotel management. 


Career Opportunities after DHM:

Hotel management is one of the most popular fields, with plenty of opportunities for both new and seasoned experts. The hotel management profession encompasses various services such as catering, food service, and lodging, providing excellent job opportunities. Fast-food chains, hotels, restaurants, and resorts on a national and worldwide level are the most prevalent occupations after earning a diploma in hotel management. The best part about finishing hotel management courses from the best college for hotel management is that students will have access to a wide range of professional options throughout the world, not only in the world they're familiar with. They'll broaden their horizons as much as possible. 


Students with a diploma in hotel management can work in a variety of fields, including:


  • Departments of Catering
  • Management of the Club
  • Hotel Management on Cruise/Ships  
  • Institutional Management Forest Lodges
  • Associations of Hotels and Tourism
  • Catering and Cabin Services on Airplanes
  • Hotels and Restaurants Management
  • Institutes of Hotel and Catering Management
  • Houses of GuestsCatering and Hospital Administration


  • Affiliated With Bharat Sevak Samaj, Govt of India
  • Duration : 1 Year
  • Eligibility Criteria: 10th Pass
  • Intake : As Per BSS Norms
  • DHM Syllabus