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Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (BHMCT)

    Candidates interested in a career in the hospitality sector can consider enrolling in a Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) program. The BHMCT program is available at the undergraduate level and lasts four years. The BHMCT program organizes into eight semesters at most colleges. 

    Aspirants in the BHMCT program get both theory and practical courses guidance. This program receives industrial food and beverage service training, food manufacturing, front desk operations, and cleaning. Many institutions that offer BHMCT programs require students to complete 20 weeks of industrial activity. 

    The BHMCT course structure also contains specific optional topics students can choose from during the program. These topics are covered extensively with students. The course structure has accurately prepared to select those particular topics they want to specialize in. The following are some of the BHMCT specialties that students pursue. 

    BHMCT Specializations Available

    • Food & Beverage Service Management

    • Food & Beverage Production Management

    • Housekeeping Management

    • Front Office Management

    • Tourism

    Benefits of BHMCT Course:

    Career opportunities aren't hard to come by:

    Many college grads are puzzled by the adage that you can't find a job unless you have experience. Unlike other businesses where years of experience are required to achieve a reasonable level of employment, the hotel management and hospitality industry gives a wide range of career prospects to inexperienced people who receive the appropriate training. Over experience, the hospitality business favors an outgoing personality, a devotion to client service, and strong ethics. 

    You will get valuable knowledge in the following areas:

    Students that take a BHMCT course will gain abilities that may apply to different jobs, such as management, leadership, teamwork, and organization.

    The hotel business offers a wide range of options:

    Students can work for a range of hospitality businesses all over the world. As a consequence, pupils will have an abundance of job options.

    Students have the option of working locally or overseas. 

    BHMCT opens listed Opportunities:

    The hotel business is today considered one of the most advanced industries globally. After graduating from BHMCT, you will have a plethora of job options that are continually expanding. Several national and global hotel chains provide internships before hiring students like full-time workers. BHMCT graduates can apply for various positions in the following departments. 

    • Food and Beverage Production: The food production department involves the preparation of food. A method of preparing food by cooking, combining, and transforming raw ingredients. 

    • Food and Beverage Service: The responsibilities of a food and beverage executive include managing the food inventory, store, supplies, and other parts of a dining establishment. 

    • Housekeeping Department: Typically, this job is available at the beginning of a career or during the internship phase. A housekeeper's tasks include maintaining all required services, managing work linked to cleaning, hygiene, overseeing the cleanliness of guest rooms, public areas, laundry, inspecting rooms, and managing the work of room helpers. 

    • Front Office: The tasks and responsibilities of this position include overseeing people's actions at the front desk, welcoming guests, providing services, assisting security employees, and others. 

    • Tourism: The scope of employment in the tourism sector is very bright and has high potential with varied opportunities existing in both the public and the private sector. The public sector has opportunities in the Directorates and Departments of Tourism of the Centre and the State as Officers, Information Assistants, Tourist Guides, etc. The private sector has opportunities in travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, hotels, transport and cargo companies, etc.


    • AICTE Approved & GTU Affiliated 
    • Duration : 4 Year
    • Eligibility Criteria: 12th Pass with Min 45%* in Any Stream.
    • Fees : As Per GTU Norms
    • Intake : 60 Seats
    • BHMCT Syllabus